1981 Cessna 172P 
Engine: Lycoming O-320 carbureted engine, Max Continuous 160hp @ 2700 rpm, McCauley 1C160/DTM7557 propeller 75 inch Blended blade

  Newly upgraded panel – Feb 2021    
Range 75% power @ 8000′ (45 Minute Route Reserve) 440 nm
Fuel, Usable – 100LL40 gal
Takeoff Performance @ 6000′ – max gross- 30C
Ground Roll
Total Distance over 50ft Obstacle
1800 ft
3620 ft
Rate of Climb
Sea Level, MTOW
xxx ft/min
xxx ft/min
Service Ceiling  xxx  ft
Maximum Cruise, 75% Power, 6,000 ft
Fuel FlowEconomy Cruise, 55% Power, 10,000 ft
Fuel Flow
xxx kts
9.5 gal/hr xxx kts
7.2 gph
Stall Speed @Vs0 (Full Flaps)
Stall Speed (No Flaps) MTOW
      xx kts
xx kts
Landing Performance @ 6000′ – max gross- 30C   Ground Roll Total Distance over 50ft Obstacle710 ft
1550 ft
Weights Take Off Max Usable Load, Max FuelMax Baggage  2400 lbs712  lbs120 lbs


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