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Aircraft Rental Cancellations

One of our main goals this year is to increase aircraft utilization.   Club members don’t always use the aircraft they have checked out.   There are lots of good reasons for this – health, weather, job, etc.   The problem is when a reservation is not canceled.   Not canceling a flight prevents another club member from renting that aircraft.   That’s NOT good.   It hurts the club and that hurts all the members.   A lot of our members are ” spur of the moment” types and having actual aircraft availability reflected in Flight Schedule Pro lets everyone know what aircraft can be used.   Your board has looked at how other clubs handle this situation and has decided to take the following action:

Effective April 1, JEFA is going to start checking flights that are scheduled versus flights that are not taken.   Effective June 1, JEFA is going to charge $25.00 when an aircraft is reserved but not used and not canceled. This policy includes flights that are canceled due to weather.   To avoid this charge, please cancel any flight that is scheduled but you are not going to take.   Canceling flights as soon as you know you will not be able to use them helps everyone and helps you avoid the charge.

 X-Country Flights

JEFA members, please note that before going on a cross country flight greater than 70NM from KAPA, or any flight into the mountains, you are required to have your cross country approved by either the JEFA Director of Training or the Director of Safety.  The JEFA board is also requesting that when making a flight reservation in Flight Circle, that you add in the comments section the purpose of the flight, joyride, flight training, local airports, etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a 2 hour Hobbs minimum per day,  on all multi-day X-Country flights.

FAA From the Flight Deck – Centennial Airport (APA)

Flying Information and Links

The FAA has issued an Advisory Circular that could affect your flight.   Please review this document before your next flight.
Current AFP Advisories
Current AFP Graphics

If you’re planning a flight, want to get some ideas for your next flight, or just see where others have gone, you’ve come to the right place…  

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Please note new procedures for each aircraft now included in the Dispatch Books/Log Books.   This is information you’ve all been wanting, even if you didn’t know it.   If you look behind the log pages, you will now find procedures for:
Reporting Squawks
Maintenance (local and away)
And a contact list
Since the log book is always in the aircraft when you fly, you’ll always know what to do or have someone to ask.   Since the contact list is home phones or cell phones, the contact list will not be published on the web site, but all the other information will be.