Dues and Fees


Membership dues are $20 per month.


You can see your current account balance by logging into flightcircle and selecting My Account under your username.

Invoices are sent out monthly based on the e-mail address in our accounting system.

Please send an email to treasurer@flyjefa.org if your e-mail address changes or if you have any issues with your bill or do not receive a bill.

Aircraft Rental Rates

Rates are as follows:

Cessna 172P – N53265         $115/Hobbs Hour
Diamond DA40 – N505JF     $135/Hobbs Hour

Insurance Pool

In order to make up for the large increases in aircraft insurance rates, JEFA has instituted a $120 per year Insurance Surcharge.  This will be billed to members during the May time frame and prorated for new members as appropriate.  If you’d like to pay for them monthly, you can opt-in for that service by contacting the treasurer.

Fuel Reimbursement

Fuel bought at remote airports will be reimbursed. Please write your name and aircraft registration on the receipt and drop them in the Treasurer’s box or they can be mailed to the JEFA office. Fuel will be reimbursed by account credit.  Checks can be mailed instead on request.

Payment Options

Payment is due at the completion of your flight.

1. Make payments via Zelle.  Your bank probably supports sending payments to email recipients via Zelle, and this is by far the least expensive way to make payments (it’s FREE to us and you!)  Simply send your payment to treasurer@flyjefa.org

2. Make payments directly from FlightCircle.  While this option is not free to JEFA, it is less expensive than Paypal, so please start using this if you have to use a credit card.

To set up your card:
1. Log in to flightcircle.com
2. Select My Account under your name
3. Select the Cards tab
4. Click the Add Card button and enter your card information
To make a payment from Flight Circle:
1. Select the Account Ledger tab under My Account 
2. Click Make Payment
From here, you’ll also see a nice ledger of all your payments.

3. Write a check and drop it in the treasurer box in the office

4.  Send your check to:

JEFA, Inc.
12830 E. Control Tower Road #J4
Englewood, CO 80112

Block Time Incentive

The Block Time program was retired on April 1, 2021.