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Student Training Logs

One of AOPA top training concerns is Student Logs.   According to AOPA, these can be a vital part of your training and they can even be a vital part of your post-training flying experience.   If you're a student and you aren't doing a journal, I highly recommend you start one.

To give you some ideas, here are some of the logs I found on the net  that got me started.
Student Logs 
A Pilots Journey 
Aaron's Blog 
Aces High BB - Learning to fly 
Air Cadets to learn to fly at Harv's Air!! 
Biff's Hangar - Journal 
Cudmore's Homepage! · Flying 
Future Airline Captian's Flight Training Journal 
Jason's Aviation Page 
John Tabor's Aviation Video & Photo Page
Robyn's Flying Start 
Pilot's Logbook
Student Pilot Network 
Wizard of Draws

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