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Reporting of Accidents, Incidents and Hazards

The JEFA Safety Office encourages all members to diligently, expeditiously and, if so desired, anonymously report any hazards or potential precursors to a hazardous situation. For incidents, you may want to use JEFA’s Incident Report Template.   Please also take note of JEFA Incident and Accident Communication Plan  to learn when and how to report.   Members are encouraged to submit the report, by mail or in person, to JEFA Safety Office, Attn: Craig Thighe, 55 Inverness Dr. East, Englewood, CO 80112.

Members can also call the FAA’s 24-hour Safety Hotline at (800) 255-1111. For information on filing an Aviation Safety Report System (ASRS) report or how to report an accident to the NTSB, please check out:

As pilots, we hope to never having to go through this process. It is, nevertheless, good advice to become familiar with the information contained in the NTSB document  49 CFR 830.

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