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Fuel Information and Tips

It's pretty easy to check area fuel prices or prices when you travel.   The best site I've found is   If you're going to be flying other than just in the pattern, you can help your club save tons of money just by fueling away from Centennial.   Click here - Front Range Fuel - This takes you to a list of area airports and their fuel prices.   You can sort the list by price, distance from KAPA and other factors.   A recent check shows you can save the club over $1.50 a gallon at self-serve at Longmont  or $1.00 a gallon just using self serve at Front Range!   It's good for the club and helps support area FBOs!   We use over 8000 gallons of fuel a year.   If can save $1.00 a gallon on just 5000 gallons of that, we can save the club $5000 to $7500 a year!   Help keep your rates low!   Practice tankering!   Keep the receipts, put your name on them, and leave them in the in-tray in the club office.   You'll get a reimbursement check in the mail!

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